FAQ’s (frequently asked questions related to KBC)

Whatsapp Number 0037121152779 \ 00919545221427

Helpline number 0019188444460

Question # 01: Who can register for KBC?

Answer:  Anybody who is an Indian citizen, living in India, age should be of 18 years or above as on Jun 06, 2018, as well as the citizen, should be of vigorous health as well as mind can register for KBC. No person is allowed to join on behalf of another person.

Question # 02: What are the unusual modes of registration?

Answer: You can register by answering the on-air question all the way through an SMS, by calling on the IVR number as well as by answering the question on the App.

Question # 03: Can I send more than one SMS / make more than one call/ register more than once from the Application?

Answer: Yes, there is no defined limit on the number of SMS sent and calls made. Registration through the SonyLIV App is constrained to one valid entry for each mobile number registered in the course of the SonyLIV App. However, only the first valid entry will be measured for each mobile number registered through each mode of entry for each call for entry question.

Question # 04: When will I be familiar with the result of the registration?

Answer: If the answer presented by you was both valid as well as correct and you were selected in the random shortlist you will be given a call from us in just about five working days from the date of close up of registration lines for that question.

Question # 05: How will I get to know the outcome of the registration?

Answer: If the answer provided by you was both valid and correct and you were preferred in the random shortlist, we will get in touch with you on your registered number. Please answer the phone yourself

Question # 06: What factors are involved in the selection criteria?

Answer: The main criteria for selection are your general knowledge along with grip over current affairs, which are evaluated across various stages. In accumulation, there is also an interview round and audition at the final stage where your personality and screen presence are also assessed.

Question # 07: People say they can assist someone to get entered into KBC. Is there any possibility?

Answer: There is only one possibility or a way to be a part of KBC and that is involving you in the prescribed registration process as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. Surely there is no other passage to get an entry in KBC. The whole procedure is very transparent and being observed by an independent company. Anyone who is showing you an alternate way to take you to KBC is definitely bluffing with you. In such condition, you should contact your local police and file a report against this person.

Question # 08: I received a call after answering some question on TV, but afterward no one has contacted me so far. Can I consider that myself as a selected candidate?

Answer: That call is made to the shortlisted registrants elected by the computer. But that does not mean that you have been selected.  The team will contact those who have been selected for the next round.

Helpline Number 0019188444460